Trailer for The Secrets of the Iron Fist 6 DVD series by Sifu Steven Burton

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The Secrets of Iron Palm / Fist 6 DVD set

The dvd series covers all aspects of Iron Palm training and is an essential tool for all serious martial artists and people interested in self protection. .

The DVD series consists of the following :-

Dvd 1 – Iron palm external conditioning
Dvd 2 – Internal Iron Palm Qi Gong exercises
Dvd 3 – How to make the Iron Palm Dit Da Jow training ointment
Dvd 4 – Striking weapons of the hand and Power generation
Dvd 5 – Weak target areas of the body
Dvd 6 – Street application of the Iron Palm / Fist

This training program is ideal for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced as it cover rarely taught aspects of the art. The production is of the highest quality with well over 5 1/2 hours of footage so you can develop YOUR OWN IRON FIST or PALM.

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