Dim Mak Mastery clip taken from the latest DVD release by Sifu Steven Burton

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Exclusive 8 DVD set available from http://www.stevenburtoncombatinternational.com/index.php/shop
Learn authentic Dim Mak and Iron Shirt direct from the MASTER deep in the heart of China.
Sifu Steven Burton’s quest to locate his Master in the depths of China takes him to the Masters ancestral home where he learns Advanced Dim Mak direct from one of the foremost Masters of the subject in the world.

Sifu Steven Burton then takes the method and teachings transalting from Chinese to English and takes YOU through the training methods and Dim Mak Points so that YOU can learn this devastating art.

Sifu Steven Burton in his unique way of teaching makes this the easiest tutorial product available to learn from making you able to add this devastating art to what ever you do whether you are a novice who wants to learn self defense or a hardened martail artist wanting to learn the SECRETS that have been withheld from the public for so long.

Exclusive 8 dvd set avaialble from http://www.stevenburtoncombatinternational.com/index.php/shop

Overview :-
DVD 1 – The Master teaches foundation of Dim Mak methods and concepts
DVD 2 – Essential Dim Mak striking methods
DVD 3 – Shaolin Limb Destruction
DVD 4, 5 & 6 – The Top 17 most effective Dim Mak Points
DVD 7 – Iron Shirt to strengthen the body and counter Dim Mak strikes
DVD 8 – Advanced Iron Needle hand formation and Combat applications.

This has to be One of the rarest and most detailed DVD sets of Dim Mak today learning from World Renowned Expert Sifu Steven Burton and his Master in China.

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