We will have two different types of webinars:

  • Virtual Seminars
  • Regular Webinars

The Virtual Seminars are taught at the request of a specific school.  These seminars will generally be 1 to 4 hours in duration.  As an Ultimate Member or a Certified Instructor, you will often be able to participate in these.  Topics are chosen by the instructor for whom we are doing the seminar.  The meetings are interactive and we will be providing feedback on movements performed by those students at the host school.  Moreover, our instructors will provide video of them teaching the seminar, albeit virtually.

Regular Webinars will be conducted on the topics of choice by the instructor teaching the webinar, although we welcome feedback from our members on topics for future webinars.  These are entirely interactive and we encourage you to ask questions.  Our goal with these classes is to facilitate growth in our arts and want to be sure we answer as many questions as possible.

We will send out updates on upcoming virtual training via email.

Stay tuned for scheduling for our Webinars.

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