Pressure Point Atlas Book Trailer

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This is the official book trailer of Pressure Point Atlas by Mike Patrick. It is the Encyclopedia of Pressure Points!

Want to know what will happen when you strike a particular Pressure Point? Want to know which points are lethal or which ones lead to knockouts? This Atlas is a road map of the body energetically!

Classifications such as Five Element Points, Horary Points, Sedation Points, Tonification Points, Window of the Sky Points, Destructive Points, Constructive Points, and much more, are defined and listed. Want to know which points were the 36 Vital Points listed in the Bubishi, the old secret text of the Okinawan masters? They are here!

Angle of activation as well as detailed explanations of each point with polarity, element, and more is laid out in explicit detail. Full of tables and anatomical diagrams, you will go back to this reference over and over!

Charts are great, but you need this book in your pocket or gym bag. Some customers have bought multiple copies: one for the school and one for home. Some even keep a copy in their vehicle! Heck, some even buy extras because they have worn their first copy out! One customer wanted extra copies to have just in case he lost his original! Once you read this book, you will understand why! This is an invaluable reference tool that you cannot be without in your training! Pick up a copy, or two, today!

Available for purchase at www.amazom.com.

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