The Truths and Myths of Pressure Point Science

Pursuant with recent discussion of why people are having trouble making pressure points work for them.  I believe the root of the problem lies in the original premises under which they are operating.  I recently did a full four hour seminar debunking some of the misinformation that has been distributed on pressure point theory.  During the seminar I demonstrated how each of the following myths are simply not true and any knowledgeable pressure point expert, acupuncturist or neurologist could easily supply you with information validating what I am saying.

The other thing that really amazes me in that people will take information at face value and not test it.  All you need to when someone tells you something about pressure point work is simply go out on the mat and test it.  Either you can make it work right then with the ‘expert’ helping you or the data is false.  Now, if nine out of ten people are making it work and you cannot, it may be that your martial arts skills need some work.  Anyway, here are some ‘pressure point principles’ that are easily myths:

  • Energy flows down the outside of the arm to the hand, across to the thumb and back up the inside of the arm.
  • Triple Heater #11 is a rub point and not a strike point.
  • 1 point causes pain, 2 points cause pain in the middle, 3 points cause a knockout, 4 points cause death.
  • GB-20 does not work if you bend at the waist.
  • Energy flows exactly opposite in a female.
  • You cannot generate enough energy with an elbow strike if you deliver it above shoulder level.
  • The way pressure points work changes if you are on the ground.
  • Meridians change elements when struck.
  • Meridians change polarity when hit.
  • Pressure points work better if you use your right arm to strike your opponent’s right side.
  • It makes a difference when you strike you opponent if you use a yin hand versus a yang hand.
  • Strike all points 45 degrees.
  • What makes pressure points work is nerve endings.
  • Stretching the nerve and striking it causes a knockout for pressure points to work.
  • Strike people on their elemental strong meridian.  (example: strike wood people on wood points)
  • Strike points opposite on females
  • When making active pressure points, some are rub points and some are strike points.
  • The five element science does not apply to pressure point work.
  • People in really good shape are easier to knockout.
  • Wherever a nerve crosses or branches is a strike point.
  • Raising the big toe is necessary to make energy strikes work.
  • When striking your opponent’s head, you must place your other hand on the opposite side of their head to stop energy from escaping, thus neutralizing the KO.
  • You must strike your opponent’s left side of the head with a palm strike and the right side with a closed fist strike or the energy of the strike will not work.

There are more myths out there, but you get the idea.  People are building their training, art and self defense programs based on some of these myths.  When the time comes to  use these techniques, they are going to rudely awakened and disappointed because they will not work.   What baffles me  is why did someone put this misinformation out there in the first place?  Was it because they just don’t know any better? or just did not want  people to learn? Are they mistaken in their research and development.  We may never know.

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