Some of My Favorite Pressure Points

Leg Attack Points ST 39 and GB 36

I want to discuss one of my favorite leg attacks.  The points below the knee at ST-39 and GB-36.  The attack works because of the ‘wood attacks earth’ part of our five element science.  The angle will come from the front at a 45 degree angle toward the core of the body.  The kick to these points is best done with the ball of the foot.  All you have to do is line up the kick so that all the foot makes contact with this combination at the same time.  This will insure proper angle of the attack.  Be careful!  A blow with 50 psi is adequate to do damage if you follow these instructions.

I normally demonstrate this combination in seminars  by striking these points with my knuckles with about 10 psi.  This normally causes the leg to buckle.  This slight amount of pressure is enough to properly demonstrate the power of this science and its proper application.  Once you locate the points, work on different angle kicks to activate them.  As I said earlier, the easiest is the ball kick, but it can be done from another angle with a shin kick. I have seen kicks to this area break legs in competitions so make sure that you give this technique the proper respect it deserves.


Point CV-24

Intersection-jiaohui point of the foot yang ming stomach and hand yang ming large intestine channels and the conception and governing vessels; 8th of the 13 ghost points.  Add to that the mechanical effect of the blow coupled with the neurological shock and we get an easy knockout when the point is struck in and down at a 45 degree angle.  Striking weapon can be anything from a dropping palm heal to an overhand looping punch.  Secondary effects include a dislocated jaw if your opponent does not have his jaw tight upon impact.


Point CV-17

Meeting- hui point of the qi; intersection-jiaohui point of the foot, tai yin spleen, foot shao yin kidney, hand tai yang, small intestine, and hand- shao -yang, triple burner channels and the conception vessel; alarm-mu point of the pericardium.

As you can see from the description of the point, this is a highly energetic point often ignored because it lies on the breastbone.  The structural damage may be limited due to all the bone, however, the energetic damage can be immense.

This point will react to any stimulus to the yin meridians so it becomes an excellent choice for a secondary strike after parrying the arm or kicking the inside of the leg.

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