Angle of Attack for the Most Destructive Power

Usually people relate this ‘player to the game’ to the angle the pressure point must be struck in order to transfer energy into the meridian.  Our DSI  pressure point charts show the angle necessary to inject energy or strike the point that will provide the least amount of resistance to the meridian core.

This basic ‘player’ is easily seen and demonstrated by the novice who has charts.  It is a key player in the core understanding of what we do.  That being said, lets look at this ‘player’ from a mechanical  application.

Every technique should be analyzed for its angle of attack to the attacker’s core.  It should be the goal of every technique to place you in a position that you could access the core of your attacker.

Take a quick look at the video clip in our ‘Instant Knockout’ Video here

One of the points highlighted is for stomach 5.  Now try to apply that stike to your own techniques.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look at the position your technique puts you in.
  • What position is your attacker in when doing the technique?
  • Can you reach the attackers core?

Your job is to address any stimulus in such a manner that puts you in the best position to reach your attacker’s core with the least amount of threat. In other words, do not do a wrist grab with a release point ready to hit stomach 5 but that will place you in direct line of fire from the off side hand.

Choose the release point on the other side of hand that will put you on the outside… out of the line of fire.

Always try to egress into the attack at an angle that will negate the natural anatomical strength of your opponent.  This is usually done from the outside in toward the core of your attacker.  By pressing  the attack forward, you stop their rooting and stability along with ability to generate the energy wave form.

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