Pericardium 6 – An Idiot vs. A Master

Seminar attendees often ask me why I spend so much time on arm points and stances.  It is because humans normally attack with their hands and the points of the arm below the elbow are very important to setting up point combinations that will render the attacker helpless.

Making sure that stances are correct insures that you will be able to withstand the unseen low kick and allows you to transfer energy properly.

That being said, let’s take a look at the point combinations that can be used from a latch onto PC-6, Pericardium 6.

The following points on the body will be greatly influenced by your activation PC-6; CV-14, CV-24, LI-18, ST-9, KI-8, LI-10, LI-11 and GB-20.

So you can easily see why we must learn to deal with the first available target being the arm, and then proceed to the secondary target on the body, which will have been weakened by our intitial stiumulus.

Many naive martial artists believe that pressure point work only involves finding where the deadly points are and hitting them.  There is nothing further from the truth.

The ‘Master’ will utilize one point to set up the next and truly demonstrate the art.  Any idiot can go and buy an acupunture book and find out where sensitive points are and hit them.

The idiot’s approach fails when he connot hit the moving target and cannot deal with the arms in his way.

The ‘Master’ uses the arm points to establish a pathway to the sensitive points allowing an easy victory over his enemy.

You must learn the science and deal with the real world scenarios.

REAL enemies have arms and move in combat.

REAL enemies are durable and can withstand impact to their bodies.

Most martial artists are incapable of delivering enough force from their punches to defeat their enemies without the blow striking a sensitive point (pressure point).

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