Ghost Hands Dim Mak 8 DVD Set Preview

In this video

AVAILABLE NOW AT http://www.northern-dragons.co.uk/ndshop/product.php?id_product=28
The MOST DETAILED & ADVANCED DIM MAK instruction ever put on DVD by Sifu Steven Burton. Never been seen before information.

What You Get :-
Qi Gong Martial energy development
Learn to develop the essential Qi power that wil fuel all of your Dim Mak techniques and enhance your martial arts beyond anything you have experienced before.
Mastering Ghost Hands Internal Power
Now you have developed the Qi energy learn how to apply the Qi to deliver devastating Fa Jing blows that will penetrate your attacker and literally send them flying.
DVD 3, 4, and 5
Ghost Hands Advanced Dim Mak Points
These3 DVD’s will teach you detailed instruction into the function of the Alarm and Associated Points of Gui Zhang which many have NEVER been taught before on any previous material. The level of instruction on these points is much deeper and this is the depth of knowledge required for you to truly Master the Ghost Hands Dim Mak method.
Ghost Hands Dim Mak Combative applications
Sifu Steven Burton teaches you many many applications of Ghist Hands Dim Mak utilising many of the points taught within the previous DVD’s. These DVD’s are set to inspire you into your study of the deeper aspects of Ghost Hands Dim Mak and will give you the tools you need to Truly Master the skills previous held back from the public.
Bonus DVD’s
Poison Hands of Dim Mak Volume 1 and 2 filmed in China
DVD 1 & 2
Learn traditional applications with a street combat flavour from various arts.
In these 2 bonus DVD’s Sifu Steven Burton takes you through many Dim Mak applications taken from Shaolin, Wudang, Tai Chi, Drunken Style and Monkey Style Kung Fu.

This will give you an innovative perspective into a different viewpoint on Dim Mak and will give you a great contrast showing you how to apply Dim Mak to traditional Martial Arts.

AVAILABLE NOW AT http://www.northern-dragons.co.uk/ndshop/product.php?id_product=28

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