Strangle defence using Five Thunder Dim Mak point St 6 Enhancement & Retardation with Vibration and Breath Dim Mak Mastery Liver 13 – Zhangmen Dim Mak Mastery Fight Stopper Neck Crank Dim Mak Method extracted from Dim Mak Secrets DVD set Iron Needle application by Sifu Steven Burton – Dim Mak Mastery Iron Shirt Demo – from Dim Mak Mastery dvd set Dim mak – Small intestine 18 point application on the ground Internal Energy Strike using the Iron Fist methods of Sifu Steven Burton Dim Mak counter attack to CV 22 using Tian Men Drunken Style Kung Fu Defence against headlock using Ghost Hands Dim Mak Five Thunder Dim Mak application using Stomach 6 point called Jia Che Seizing Hands of Dim Mak – Heart 3 location and application. Sifu Burton and Master Yue teach the Five Thunder Dim Mak point Zhang Men HARDCORE IRON PALM | Five Thunder Dim Mak #1 Five Thunder Dim Mak Fu Feng / Feng Fu Point location and application Single Vertical Waveform Conception Vessel 3 & 4 Application | Five Thunder Dim Mak Controling the close quarters attacker concepts using the Yi Feng point from Five Thunder Dim Mak Control your attacker in close quarters using the Dicang Point in Five Thunder Dim Mak Seal the breath skill and antidote from the Five Thunder Dim Mak system Center Lock on Steroids Energetic Transfer Demo Dragon Society International Instant Knockouts DSI Yin Yang Theory DVD Preview Dragon Society International Knockouts Tai Chi Opening Waveform Waveforms Greatest Hits Devastating Knockouts Energetic Spiral Demo Preview from Waveforms DVD Metal Cuts Wood LI-10 to GB-1

DSI Yin Yang Theory DVD Preview

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Dragon Society International’s Yin Yang Theory. Learn the martial science theory to enhance any kata and self defense application.

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